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The Diary of Thomas Bunbury of Kill (1754 - 1774)

Thomas Bunbury of Kill commenced his journal, a small brown leather diary, on 13th November 1754. It continues sporadically until his own death twenty years later. A full transcript of this diary follows below.He was the son of William Bunbury I of Lisnavagh and father of William Bunbury, MP, of Lisnavagh, and grandfather of Jane McClintock. A more readable version of this diary, as translated by me, may be found at Thomas Bunbury of Kill but, if you should spot any errors in my reading of it all then do please let me know.

1754 Nov 13th: Left Kill to bring home my wife and young daughter Betty from Dublin. My wife died 24th ins.

Receipts to be Inter’d to Messrs Kane & Co’s Account when I go home.

1754 Nov 13 Do’s Rec’t for £-105-16.3

Do’s Do to Brother £-053.3.9

19th Do’s Do to myself £-266.10.0

Pounds £425.9.3

1754 Drew on Latouche while in Dublin
18th to Ta. Chritchly P £100

20th to Fran. Harvey P 0.50.10

Nov 21st Pat Whelan pd me P 9-2

Gave Harry my Serv’t 12-0

24th cash to Nurse Murphy P 2-10-11

Sept 9th 1855 Gave Jemy [sic] Cloy [sic] & Son the Day before I left out from home for Dublin 2/8 ½ which I forget to enter to his account before I came home.

Sept 10th 1755 Left home for Dublin to be cut for a Fistula in Anno[1]

12th Gave Thos Clark as part of his wages 2 Guineas 2-5-6

12th Paid into Messrs Kane & Co as p their Receipt 145-15-6 (Posted)

13th Received from my Serv’t Thom Clark for Simons Mercer’s old mare 1-2-1 (posted)

22nd Gave Thom Clark as part wages ½ Guinea 0-11- ½ (Posted)

With Drew a Bill fav. Sam Baxter on Messrs Kane & Co. for 94-13-2 (Posted)

Oct 1st Rec’d from Maurice Kenny on Account of Rents as p receipts 4-0-0 (Posted)

Oct 1st Paid p Thom Fleming to Messrs Kane & Co to my account £108-11-4 (Posted)

Oct 8th gave Thom Clark as of his wages one Guinea 1-2-9

Oct 9th drew on Messrs Kane & Co in favour of Mrs Jane Pierse for £297-3-0 (Posted)

Oct 11th Paid Thom Fleming from Messrs Kane & Co to my Acct £84-5-5 (Posted)

Oct 18th Lent Simons Mercer by payment this day to Billy Lockwood for which Simons Mercer gave me his note the 16th ins – £30.[2]

Do Rec’d from Jack Drought Messrs. Boyd & Co’s Draft at 31days [sight?] favour Robert Snow on Messrs Boyd & Meredyth Dublin for w’d Mr Drought’s account is to be credited. Posted £400.

20th Wrote Mr Drought to pay Mr Will Waring my subscription for Bagenalstown [races?] to be posted to Mr Drought’s act – (not paid) 1-2-9

Oct 21st paid Messrs Kane & Com Messrs August Boyd & Co on Messrs Boyde & Meredyth to Robert Snow at 31 days sight as p their Receipt of this day Pounds 400 Posted

Oct 24th Left Dublin for home where I arrived safely.

Nov 18th 1755 Left home for Dublin to sell and slaughter my bullocks

24th Rec’d from Mr Jn (?) Drought on Robert Snow’s on Jn Kelly 31 days fav’r Ja Whelan for Pounds 32 dated 20th ins.

24th Paid Thom Clark as part of his wages at Mr Martin’s 11-5 Posted

Do. P’d Matty Sharp as part of her wages + Thom Clark p his order before I left home 0-12-0 Money returned.

Do Thom Fleming p the Bal of my Act to Messrs Kane & Co their as p their ret?? which is to be posted to their account when I go home. 209-7-1 Posted

23rd Rec’d from Mur Naile [sic] and Jack Nowland *** Dunoghue’s Draft on Thos Kennedy 31 days favr Murtagh Naile Nov 21st to be posted to Naile’s Acct 52-10-0 Posted

25th Paid Messrs Kane 7 Co as par their Rec’t to be posted 86-8-3

25th Paid Do Robt Snow & [Ed?] Dunoghue’s as above both amounts as p their Receipts 84-10

Nov 26th Pd Messrs Kane & Co p Mr Ja Reily as p rect only to be posted when I go home Pounds 50-6-3 Posted

Nov 29th 1755 Returned home this day from Dublin where I slaughtered but 10 of my Bullocks Step Nowlan having sold the remainder at home to Mr Snow. [So Robert Snow bought all his cattle?]

[In 1756, Thomas was one of the signatories to a marriage settlement between his nephew, Richard Lockwood Jnr, and Miss Elizabeth Carden, daughter of Minchin Carden (1722 - 1785) of Fishmoyle]

January 30th 1756 Left home with my sons Cam & Willy for Dublin to put them to School there to the Revd Mr Wm Derby the next day at 20 Guineas a year each for Dyet, Lodgings & tuition, & 2 Guineas each entrance.[3]

Feb 2nd 1756 Paid Simon Mercer at Billy Lockwood’s Eustace 10 Guineas which I received from James Kenney as p my rect on bank of J Kenney’s Kerry bond January 18th 1756 which must be posted to said Mercer’s rect when I go home.[4]

Feb 5th Registered my lease from Mrs Shrigley this day at said time registered the renewal from one life on back of sd lease from the Rev Mr Enraght [sic] her husband wh cost Pound 1-8-0

Feb 9th 1756 Paid Johnny Clery1-4 which is to be charged to his account.

Feb 13th Paid Jack Drought at Billy Lockwood’s in Eustace Dublin 5 Guineas £5-13-9 which is to be charged to his account when I go home.

Feb 17th Paid Mr Wm Justus & Jack Brewster’s Order as p his wife Mrs Brewster’s as p Mr Justus’s receipt for the use of Henry Bunbury Esq £25-5-6 which must be charged to said Brewster’s account when I go home.

Feb 18th Paid Thom Clery as part of his wages 11/4 ½ to be charged to his account when I go home.

Feb 18th Gave Thom Clery for to buy 2 Hatts for Matty Sharp & Katty Nowlan at ½ Guinea £1-2-9 which is to be charged to each of their accounts when I go home.

Mar 4th 1756 Paid Thom Clery as part of his Wages 11/5 ½ to be charged to his account when I go home.

Mar 10th 1756 Rec’d from Geo Dunbar Esq £2-6-6 which his account is to have credit for when I go home.

March 16th 1756 Left Dublin and got same day to Kill.

June 10th 1756 Left home this day for Dublin to see my sons Cam & Willy, who were very well.

21st Paid Mr John Drought’s Drafts (£30 – Posted) on me favour Lucas Jackson Dated the 19th instant to be charged to Mr Drought’s Account when I go home.

25th Received from Frank Bulger (3-19-1) as part payment of 10 Barrels of Oates sold him for my Stew and Frank Thornhill at 8/4 sold him since I left home.

June 3rd 1756 Retunred to Kill with my sons Cammy & Willy.

Nov 17th 1756 Left home for Dublin to spend my Winter there.

Nov 18th 1756 Sent Jack Brewster & his Driver Denis Morgan 40 (45-10 on other side)

Do Rec’d from Stephen Nowlan (£5-7-9 ½) p Jemmy Byrne Thom Fleming’s Mark’t note Oct 7th 1756 which is part of Stephen Nowlan’s note for £40.

Do Rec’d from Thom Fleming (3-9) to Stephen Nowlan’s account of his note to me for £40.

Nov 22nd Mr Jn Drought at Mr Fleming’s wh is to be posted his acount. 6-

Nov 23 Paid John Drought’s favour Wm Lockwood (3-11-0) to be posted to his account.

Nov 25th Paid Mr Drought’s Draft on me fav’r Sam’l Hamor 20- to be posted to his account.

Nov 29th 10- from Thom Fleming which ____ paid for Stephen Nowlan which is to be posted to Stephen’s note for £40.

Dec 1dt 1756 Rec’d a letter from Jack Brewster advising me of his receiving the 40 Guineas sent him p. Denis Morgan & 4 Guineas rec’d from Chay for my use & of his paying Stephen Nowlan £15-3-6 to pay Robbin Jones all which to be posted to Jack Brewster’s account.

Dec 16th Rec’d from Stephen Nowlan p Jemmy Byrne sd Coogan’s on Jno Kenny for £20 & 23-1 to make up the Remainder of the £40 due me p Stephe’s Notes.

Dec 18th 1756 Left Dublin with my sons Cammy & Willy where we got safe the 19th.

Jan 18th 1757 Left home for Dublin with my sons Cam & Willy.

Jan 20th Bifs [sic]Molesworth’s Rect to be charged 23-3-9 to Jack Brewster’s account.

28th Paid Bacon the Grocer for Brother Raymond £3-8-8 being part of his note for £27 posted to me the 17th inst.

Feb 7th 1757 Rec’d from Jno Drought 40 Guineas as p my accountable rec his acct to leave credit for it when I go home.

Feb 16th Rec’d from Geo Martin Esq 75-8-1 as part of his Note to me of the 15 March 1756 for £120. Jno, Geo & Sam’l Martin’s note this day’s Date – Cash rec’d.

Feb 21st Write this day to Step Nowlan to pay Petty Constable for my part of Lisnevagh tax 6/5 and Tobinstown tax 13/10 for which I must acc[redit] him when I go home from Dublin. 1-0-3

March 4th 1757 Rec’d from Lemuel Schouldham Esq one years interest on his & Poley Molyneux’s bond for £200 due 16th Feb 1757. Posted on back of the bond.

March 7th 1757 Received from Mr James Card by Thomas Fleming £19-19-3 due last Sep’r for which I must give his act credit.

March 8th 1757 Lent Simon Mercer p my Draft at sight on Latocuhe & Sons £30 for which I took his note which interest he promises to pay it the 1st Day of April next. Posted.

March 14th 1757 Discounted notes for Messrs Jno, Geo & Sam’l Martin amounting to £964-16-2. Discount came to £15-11-2 with which I made a compliment to George Martin by allowing it to him as part of his note to me for £120 lent him 15th March 1756. Posted.

March 21st 1757. Left Dublin this Day & got safe home the 22nd.

June 1st Left home for Dublin this day to see my son Cam who is ill there.

June 3rd Rec’d from Thos Fleming for Jack Brewster market note May 26th 1757 £8-9-0 for which I must give his account credit when I return.

June 4th Rec’d from Messrs Martin £56-17-6 for their note for which their account must have credit when I return home.

Returned home June 10th 1757.

Nov 19th 1757 Left home for Dublin to see my sons Cammy & Willy & to spend a few weeks there lodged at widow Duany’s in [Constance / Eustace?]

21s Rec’d this day £40-10 p post Mr Samuel Card’s Draft on Jno Hutchinson dated 15th inst 6 days after date my favour for to be credited.

24th Jack Brewster’s market note to his account when I go home £14-19-0.

Do Jack Drought paid me p W Drought’s on Geo Wallace for which I must credit his account when I go home £12-10-0.

Dec 1st Rec’d from Murtagh Neale on account of his last Michelmas rent £61-16 & a half-penny.

Dec 12th Jack Brewster’s act to be charged which £15-16-0 I paid Wm Lockwood as p his letter the 9th inst.

Dec 18th Returned from Dublin with my sons Cam & Willy to Kill.

1758 Jan 11th Came this day to Dublin with my sons Cam & Willy.

Feb 1st Rec’d from Mr Nicholas Roche & Rich Brough ½ years interest due Nov 10th 1757 - £6-

Feb 3rd Went out of town to the Queen’s County to see Gibby Raymond who was ill of a dropsy & returned the 11th inst. [5]

March 17th 1758 Rec’d £12 from Lemuel Schuldham & Pooley Molyneaux for one yrs interest on their bond for £200, due Feb 16th 1758.

April 8th Paid Purcell for Powdering my wiggs from the 11th January to this day 6-6.

April 20th 1758 Married Miss Isaac this day & left Dublin for Kill directly after the ceremony where we got safe next day-

August 10th Left Kill for Dublin with my wife & Miss Kitty Isaac to see their friends there & to pay for the Coach I bespoke from Jones, George’s Lane.

Aug 19th Hired Cornelius Kelty as my Coachman at Eight pds a year besides Clothes & Boots.

Sept 1st This day bargained with my son Willy to give him fur guineas a year to find himself in Hatts, shoes, Buckles, Garters, wigs, handkerchiefs & Stockings & Buttons having gave him a stock of them to begin with.

Returned from Dublin with my wife & Miss Isaac Saturday Sept 9th 1758.

Dec 26th Left Kill this day with my wife to lye in there together with her sister Miss Kitty Isaac & my son Ben & next day got safe to Miss Isaac’s in Fade Street, Dublin.

Jan 14th 1759 Rec’d from Jno Drumgold p Step Nowlan one guinea as part payment of his & Brother Nick notes.

Jan 31st 1759 Gave Geo Mackey my Coach man as part of his wages one Guinea.

Feb 22nd Rec’d from Lemuel Schuldham & pooley Molyneaux £12 for one yrs interest due the 16th instant as p rect.

March 19th Hired James Conolly as Coachman at 8 pds a year & clothes without Boots.

20th March Paid Geo Mackey late Coachman the Batt of his wages for 4 months £1-10-7 exclusive of the 9/9 he rec’d from Billy Lockwood at hiring him.

21st Paid Thom Clery at miss Isaac’s door as part of his wages a Guinea.

March 28th Left Dublin this day for Kill with my wife, daughter Letty, son Ben & got safe home 29th.

1759 June 16th – Left home for Dublin to bring Miss Mon Isaac there.

June 22nd - Paid James Conolly my Coachman as part of his Wages two Guineas.

June 23rd – Returned from Dublin with Miss Isaac this day to ***

Nov 24th – Set out from Kill to Dublin with Miss Isaac, my wife, and daughter Letty [aka Letitia Gough], where we arrived safe the 25th.

Dec 7th – Paid Thom Clery for part of his wages 1-2-9.
Paid Nelly the maid 2-5-6.
My wife brought to town.

Dec 9th – Left Dublin with my wife & Letty, & sent Cam [aka Campbell Bunbury, born 1751] to his tutor, Mr Bond, the Tullow Hill Road, in hackney chair.

JAN 20TH 1760 - Left home with my son Cam & his tutor Mr Bond for Dublin who are to answer their college examinations the 23rd instant.

Jan 29th – Went with Thomas Wolfe to view Mr Jn Gore’s Estates near Athy called the Manor of Rheban.[6] [This sentence crossed out]

Jan 28th – Sent my son Cam & his private tutor Mr Bond out of town in a hackney chair to Kill.

Jan 30th – Went out of Dublin to Mr. Thomas Wolfe’s near Naas [ie: Blackhall?] from whence he & I went t view the estate of Jn Gore Esq called the Manor of Rheban near Athy, County Kildare, & returned to Dublin Monday Feb 4th following.

Feb 15th – Left Dublin for Kill with my son Willy when I took him from Mr La Touche’s & Sons Bank & from the Rev Mr Wm Darby’s Lodging him.[7]

March 8th – Went to Dublin to Purchase John Gore Esq’s estate of the Manor of Rheban near Athy in the County of Kildare in conjunction with Cou’n Theo’d Wolfe & Mr Christ Bolton for which we bargained for the 10th instant.[8]

March 14th – Returned to Kill again.

April 20th – This day left Kill with my son Cam & his private tutor Mr Bond for Dublin where they were to answer examinations & where we got safe that evening.

April 21st – paid James Conolly my Coachman 2/8 ½ as part of wages.

May 2nd – Left Dublin with Miss Kitty Isaac, my son Cam & his private tutor Mr Bond, and got to Kill next day.

May 13th – Left home for Dublin & got there that evening to settle & pay for my part of the purchase of Mr John Gore’s Estate called Manor of Rheban.

May 20th – Returned from Dublin to Kill having lodged the purchase money of my part of Rheban £5788.14.9 with Coun’r Wolfe by John Gore Esq’s directions.

July 4th - Left Kill with my wife, Miss Kitty Isaac & my daughter Letty for Dublin where my wife is to lye in & got safe there next day the 5th.

July 9th – Returned from Dublin this day to Kill where I left my wife to lye in at her sisters in Fade Street & my daughter Letty with her.[9]

August 21st – Left home for Dublin to see my wife & to have Our Son Christened who was baptized 27th inst & called Thom.[10]

August 28th – Returned from Dublin this day & sent my son Thom to his nurse’s in a Chair.

Sept 6th – Left Kill for Dublin with Mr Bond to bring home my wife & Daughter Letty where I got safe that evening.

Sept 16th – Left Dublin with my wife, Miss Mon Isaac, & my daughter Letty & got safe to Kill 17th.

FEBRUARY 19TH 1762 – Left home this day with my wife and daughter Letty for Dublin where we arrived 20th & lay at the Miss Isaacs’s in Fade Street.

March 4th – Received £12 from Lenard Schultbam [sic] Esq for a years interest Tues 16th Feb last.

March 26th – Returned with wife & daughter Letty from Dublin.

JAN 24TH 1763 – Left home this day with Mon Isaac with an intent to buy part of Friarstown Estate belonging to Henry Bunbury which is to be sold by publik sale so much of it as will pay Sir Richard Wolsley’s demand of £8600.[11]

March 17th 1763 – Returned to Kill with Miss Letty Isaac from Dublin where I was near 2 months attending the Sale of Harry Bunbury’s estates of Fryerstown, part of which I purchased viz that part held by Thos Whelan, *** six thousand p & deposited £1500 being a 4th part in the Exchequer office which still lyes there tho’ the Purchase is off an act [sic] of Sir Rich Wolsley the Mortgagee not making Harry Bunbury, a minor, grandson to Henry & son to his son Joseph, a party to his Bill of foreclosure.[12]

April 8th 1764 - Left Kill for Dublin with a design to Purchase the lands of Rathdaniel which with Straboe & other lands are to be sold on Thursday the 12th inst by Decree of the high court of Chancery.[13]

April 13th – Left Dublin for Kill & did not purchase either Straboe or Rathdaniel but offered £6400 for Straboe & £9300 for Rathdaniel, & could not get them tho’ I offered more than value for them as Sir Wm Mayne who has part of the Allen Estate by his marrying one of Lady Allen’s daughters & purchased them.[14]

May 9th – Set off from Kill to Dublin & in my way to view any Estate Mr Thomas Croker had to sell in the County Kildare on and near the turnpike road called Skerries, Ballymoney, Mullycash & Flemingstown.

May 17th – Left Dublin where I went to Purchase an Estate from Mr Croker but did not, as it was scatter’d & undivided & brought Billy Lockwood home with me.[15]

June 13th – My wife went to Dublin this day to bathe in the salt water for pains in her back after her miscarriage & by advice of Doctor Johnston where she is to stay a month.

July 7th – Set out this morning for to see my wife who is bathing in the Salt Waters & in order to purchase some part of the Harman Estate viz Moyle & which is to be sold the * instant.[16]

July 11th – Returned from Dublin where I did not purchase any of Harman’s Estate as the Decree for the Sale of said Estates was not ready tho’ advertised which disappointed several Gentlemen, both from County Longford & Carlow.[17]

July 16th – left home early this morning in order to purchase some of the Harman estate as I see it fresh advertised for to be sold this evening at 6’ clock.

July 24th 1764 – Returned home from Dublin where I purchased most of the Harman Estate in the County Carlow viz Moyle Demesne, 109 acres; Little Moyle, Jno Pain tenant, 100 acres; Part of Moyle, Wm Dillon tenant, 42 acres; Part of Moyle, Widow McEvoy tenant, 35 acres; Part of Do [Ditto?] Anth. Murray tenant 20 acres; Rathedon Court [sic] Stewart tenant; Labenesy [sic] Harry Brewster tenant; & Gormenagh [sic] James Dillon, which amounted to £11,200 the 4th part of which i deposited being £2800 & at said time purchased two leases [for] Estates in County Longford, Glasgloone [sic] & Trillickatemple £33.7.6 paid, & Clumkeen [sic] & Cordevon £37.18.6 paid. The Purchase money of the County Longford amounts to £2960; the 4th of which i did not deposit.

July 31 1764 – Left home early this morning for Dublin to oppose Lady Anne Parson’s motion who bid £100 more for the House & Demesne of Moyle than the £3000 I was declared the highest bidder for at the Sale on the 16th inst.

August 10th – Returned home from Dublin with my wife and daughter Jenny where I had two motions in the high court of Chancery against Lady Parsons to lay aside her offer of £100 or open for Sale all the Purchases I bid for.

Nov 14th – Left home early this morning for Dublin where I was this day decreed to pay Jno Baily Esqr the Exchequer £850 for the profit rent of Williamstown for 5 years& half which sum is to be paid in 3 months & also went to Dublin to make a deposit of £740 being the 4th part of the County Longford purchase money which I paid 19th instant into Tunnadine, the Master in Chancery, but the Rev Mr Doyne & others not having their title Deeds ready to lay before my lawyers & attorney, & it being uncertain when or how long things & I matters would take before they were ready.[18] I returned to Kill on 24th instant with Miss Kitty Isaac.

FEBRUARY 2ND 1765 – Set out for Dublin p direction of Mark Whyte my attorney to expedite the Purchase made last July of the Harman Estate & got safe there said day.[19]

Feb 21 – Left Dublin & got safe home same day where I did little or nothing relative to y payment of the Purchase money of Moyle & the Harman Estate, as Dean Doyne & his agent Mr Jno Kelly tho almost three weeks there I did not lay Deeds & c before my lawyer Coun’r Wolfe so was forced to return home.

March 28th 1765 – Sett out for Dublin by ye direction of Mark Whyte to pay the purchase money remaining being £10,620 but as Mr Tunnadine was not in town, came away without Doing anything.

April 1st – Staying there but 2 days.

April 31st – Went to Dublin to pay the £10,620 remaining part of the Estate of Harman’s in County Carlow & Longford, which I did the 3rd May instant, & returned to Kill the 4th May instant, & brought down with me an injunction to the Sherriff of County Carlow to put me into Possession & sent Post to Mr Robert Jenkins of Trillick near Longford the injunction for that county, with my letter of attorney to said Jenkins to take Possession for me of the lands therein, my letter to said Jenkins dated 4th instant.

July 8th – Left home with my wife & daughter Jenny for Dublin to pay a complememt to Counselor Isaac, my wife’s brother, on his marriage to Mrs Mary Bristow the 28th May last.

July 13th – Sett out from Dublin in a post chaise with long Thom Bunbury to view the County Longford Estate.

July 25th – Returned from Dublin with my wife and daughters Letty & Jenny to Kill, where Letty was at Miss Isaac’s in Fade Street 6 weeks getting cloathes bought & made for her.

October 16th – Sett out this day for Dublin to pay Messrs. La Touche & Sons part of my Bond for £7473 & on the 17th paid them £2052.8 interest due & £1073 Principal part of my Bond dated 3 May 1765 & returned safe home to Kill the 18th.

JULY 26TH 1766- Left home for Dublin this morning to bring home my wife & 2 daughters & son Thom who have been there above a fortnight past where got safe ½ an hour past one.

August 2nd – Returned from Dublin with my wife Miss Isaac, 2 daughters & son Thom.

FEBRUARY 6TH 1767 – Set out for Dublin this day on rect. of Brother George Martins the Collector of Dublin, failure for whom I was bound to the Crown joyntly with Mr Thomas Hawshaw Deal merchant in a Bond for £2000, my part of which I have him, his Brother Lewis Burwell, Martin & James Agar of Gowran, Security.[20]

February 21st – Returned form Dublin home where I did very little relative to Brother Martin failure & more than enter Judgment against him, Lewis Martin & James Agar only act’d with Messrs. Latouches & Sons.

April 30th – Set out for Dublin where I arrived about 3 of Clock to settle matters with Mr Agar relative to Geo. Martin’s failure who is bound to me – where my wife & Daughters Letty & Jenny are.

June 10th – Returned from Dublin with my wife & daughters where I staid 6 weeks almost, & settled with the Commissioners relative to Mr Martin’s failure viz to pay £100 for each of the £2000 Mr Thomas Hawshaw & I were bound for, each of us, the Crown, & £300for 3 years to Mr James Agar. Paid my £100 but Mr Hawshaw has not his £100 yet.

June 26th – Left home for Dublin to see my attorney Mr Jno Carroll relative to the Dispute between My tenants of Trillick in ye County of Longford & me about the ren-allety of the Life of John Waters & c.

June 29th – Left Dublin for Longford to enquire there into matters relative to the Dispute between the tenants of Trillick & c & returned to Dublin on the 7th July.

July 12th – Returned from Dublin to Kill this day with Miss Kitty Isaacs & got safe home same Day.

August 21st – Left Kill for Dublin with Miss Kitty Isaacs in my way to Longford Assizes & arrived there at 6 of the Clock in the evening.

Monday 24th August – Set out from Dublin for Longford Assizes, was advised to go round by Athlone to call on Mr Sam’l Simpson where I [saw?] him & by his advice subpoenaed Thomas Walker of Cappagh in the County of Galway near Aghrim [Aughrim] p.a. man 18/4* to serve the Subpena so lay at Ballynahan 26th inst. & got to Longford 27th[21]

Left Longford 2nd Sept 1767 for Dublin where I withdrew the Record relative to Trillickatemple ejectment as the Waters’s had evidence enough to serve anything against me.

Sept 6th 1767. Left Dublin for Kill where I arrived safe that night.

Nov 16th 1767. Left home for Dublin to File a Bill against my Longford tenants of Trillick where I got safe that evening at Miss Isaacs I [addressed?].

Nov 25th 1767 Returned home from Dublin which I left yesterday & lay last night at Ballymore. Done little or nothing against my tenants at Trillickatemple as [Councilor?] Isaac took 2 or 3 days to consider if proper to file a Bill against them.

Jan 30th 1768 Left home with my wife & Daughters for Dublin to see Doctors & Surgeons about a Gravely Complaint I have had on me this month past and got safe 31st.

Monday 9th May 1768 Returned from Dublin with wife & Daughters Letty & Jenny safe to Kill & thank God, very much recovered of the Gravely Complaint for which I went there where I continued about three months.

June 27th 1768 Left Kill for Dublin to put my son George into the College & to purchase some part of Fryarstown lands which are to be sold 29th inst. at the Exchequer office, Kennedy’s Lane, & took the Rev Mr Benjamin Hobart, my son George’s schoolmaster of Carlow, & my son George in my Post-Chaise with me.[22]

July 1st 1768. Left Dublin where I entered my son George in the College as a Fellow Commoner 28th June 1768, & did not purchase any of the lands of Fryarstown, as the Parts sold were too dear viz Thomas Whelan’s lease for £5800, Diddoge [sic] for £380, Lawlifstown [sic] for £1500 & Jno Brewster lease Abbey Park £1820, all to Jonas Ducket.[23]

1768 August 12th Left home for Dublin in my way to Longford Assizes which are the 18th inst. to try the Ejectment of Trillickatemple upon [the words ‘the trumpt up’ are crossed out here] the life [lies?] my tenants has set up viz John Waters of Castlerea instead of John Waters of Aghrim who died 24th October 1766.

1768 August 15th Let out from Dublin to Longford to try the Record there.

22nd August 1768. Left Longford for Dublin where my Record was tried and tho’ the case was made very clear to the jury, yet there were 10 against me & 2 for me, so were obliged by Consent of both sides to withdraw a Juror so that I must try it by a Special Jury of the County of Longford in the Exchequer Dublin.

26th August 1768. Left Dublin for Kill with Miss Isaac where we got safe that Evening.

9th November 1769. Left my House Kill for Dublin with Miss Mon Isaac & my little daughter Jenny in order to get a Tryal at Bar with my tenants at Trillickatemple, & to settle with Robert Waller Esq relative to the lands of Cardingstown [sic] County of Kildare which I sold him about 13th day of October last for £1680, where we got safe 10th having made 2 days.

24th Nov 1768. Left Dublin for Kill with my son Ben |the Cornet| & my daughter Jenny when I did no business & got safe home the 25th. [What on earth did he do all that time then!]

4th March 1769 Left Kill for Dublin in my road to Longford Assizes, which are the 11th inst, to try the old Record, against Trillickatemple tenants & got safe to Dublin 5th.

16th March 1769 Returned from Longford Assize to Dublin where a Jury gave a Verdict against me relative the Record of Trillickatemple tho’ I made as plain a Case as could be, I believe the Jury would have done the same be the case ever so plain.

18th March 1769 Returned to Kill from Dublin & Longford & got safe home 19th myself & Coachman |old Mick Byrne| much tyred & fatigued.

26th February 1771 Left Kill for Dublin with my wife, Son George & my 2 Daughters Letty & Jenny to get them new rig’d and after my Will where I got safe 27th.

20th March Left Dublin in a Coach & 4 with my sons William & George for Carlow Assizes the 23rd instant to prosecute Michael Carty for robbing my Wine Cellar these 11or 12 years past, who is in Carlow jail & left wife & Daughters in Dublin.

7th April 1771 Returned to Dublin from Kill to my Wife & Daughters at Miss Isaac’s Fade Street, & brought my sons William & George with me.

14th May 1771 Left Dublin for Kill brought down my wife, 2 Daughters & sons William & George. Lay at Kilcullenbridge & got safe home 15th in a new Coach having changed my old one with Messrs. Jno & Francis Jones, George’s Lane, Dublin, for £80.

14th June 1772 Left Kill for Dublin with my wife & daughter Jenny. Lay at Ballymore & got safe to Town 15th where my wife went to buy clothes for Jenny & to bring Miss M Isaac to Kill.

July 9th 1772 Left Dublin this morning early with my wife, daughter Jenny & Miss Mon Isaac & got safe home to Kill that evening.

14th June 1773 Left home for Dublin with wife, Daughter Jenny & Sons Willy & Ben in order to settle & pay for the purchase of Phrumplestown from Mr Ed Wall & to bring home my Daughter Letty who has been at her Uncle Deane’s since last January.

4th August 1773 Left Dublin with my wife, son Ben & Daughter Jenny & got home safe 5th but could not finish the purchase of Phrumplestown tho’ everything settled but Mr Wall could not get Major Brereton the mortgagee to come to town to receive his money.

8th Sept 1773 Left home with my wife and daughter Jenny for Dublin to settle my son William’s Marriage Articles with Miss Kane, only child of Redmond Kane, with whom he will get £40,000 which marriage I expect to see Solemnised before I return.

29th September Left Dublin this day for Kill after I had married my son William esterday at Mantua near Swords to Miss Katharine Kane, only child to Redmond Kane Esq’r, Bolton Street, Dublin, & got safe home the 30th with my wife, Willy & his wife, Miss Pegy Gossan & my Daughters Letty & Jenny. (I compute her fortune to be above £40,000).

23rd November 1773 Left home for Dublin with my wife & daughters Letty & Jenny to settle & pay Mr Wall for the Purchase of Phrumplestown, &to levy fine in consequence of my son William’s Marriage Articles, & to alter my Will. Got there safe 24th safe & well.

December 17th 1773 Left Dublin with my wife, daughter Jenny & son Thom, & got safe home the 18th, having paid Mr Ed Wall £9667 for the Purchase of Phrumplestown the 25th Nov. The day after I got to town, levied fines with Son William agreeable to his marriage articles, & altered my Will. I brought home so violent a Cold on me that I kept my house for above a month afterwards in which time I had very severe fits of the Gout, Gravel & Rheumatism.

A slip of paper inserted in the diary states: ‘Thomas Bunbury Esq, Father of the above Children Departed this life at Kill the 13th day of July 1774 about half after two o’clock’.




[1] This suprisingly frank remark refers to Anorectal fistula (or fistula-in-ano), an operation to cut out an abnromality somewhere between the anal glands and the anal sphincters. Prior to this, poor Tom would have experienced ‘an abnormal discharge of feces through an opening other than the anus’. This cures the fistula but leaves behind a scar, and can cause problems with incontinence.

[2] Simon mercer was a fellow patron of the new Tullow Bridge – see http://www.askaboutireland.ie/show_narrative_page.do?page_id=3146

[3] Possibly Rector of Durweston?

[4] ‘Billy Lockwood’s Eustace’ sounds like it might refer to a townhouse on Eustace Street, Temple Bar.

[5] The Rev Gibson Raymond was married to Thomas’s sister, Mary Bunbury.

[6] I imagine this was Thomas’s direct contemporary Thomas Wolfe (1705 – 1787) of Blackhall, Co. Kildare, whom I have written about in ‘The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of Co. Kildare’. He was made a Freeman of Dublin in 1733, the saem year he married Margaret Lombard. His great-grandfather, Richard Wolfe, was a Royalist officer from Durham who moved to Ireland in 1658 and was buried at Oughterard outside Naas, Co. Kildare in 1678. Richard’s daughters and granddaughters all married into Kildare landowning families – Banner of Punchestown, Brunton of Bishopscourt, Page of Barbinstown, Fletcher of Rathmore, Blood of Ladycastle and Burgoyne. In 1698, Thomas’s grandfather John Wolfe was appointed one of the Commissioners charged with raising some £120,000 in Land Tax which Co. Kildare was to pay the Government. Thomas’s father, Richard Wolfe (1673 – 1732) was made a Freeman of Dublin in 1706. Over the next 55 years no less than ten of his sons and grandsons were accorded the same honour. Richard’s wife Lydia Page was a granddaughter of Sir William Sandys, one of England’s pioneering canal builders, specifically on Shakespeare’ River Avon. Richard succeeded to the family estate at Forenaghts and died in 1732. His son eldest John inherited Forenaght, a younger son Richard inherited Baronrath and the aforementioned Thomas Wolfe inherited Blackhall. Thomas’s nephew Arthur , Lord Kilwarden, became Chief Justice of Ireland in 1796 but was murdered by rebels during Robert Emmet’s rebellion of 1803.

Rheban was formerly an O’Moore property. According to www.kildare.ie, ‘the ruins of Castle Rheban are situated two miles north of Athy. The castle, believed to be the burial place of a king, was once attached to the site of an ancient moat, but the two have long since been separated by the construction of the Grand Canal. With the arrival of the Anglo-Normans and the re-modeling of Irish social structures, the barony of Rheban was created. The lord of this barony was Richard de St. Michael, who is credited with building the first castle there to act as a guard for the ford. The wars of 1641-50 saw the castle change ownership many times and since then the castle has been a ruin. There has been considerable deterioration from the end of the eighteenth century and the present day ruins are much overgrown’.

[7] La Touche & Sons was founded by David Digues La Touche, a Hugenot refugee from the Loire Valey who served at the battle of the Boyne and later prospered in Dublin selling rich silk poplins and cambric’s, and lending money. I 1703, he united with three other master-weavers from the Liberties – Nathaniel Kane, Richard Norton and Thomas Hone – to set up a private bank on Castle Street. By 1726, only Kane remained on board. Kane was Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1734 but died the following year. It is believed Redmond Kane, whose daughter Katherine married Thomas Bunbury’s son William, was descended from this family. By the 1740s, the banks clients included most of the Irish nobility, gentry and statesmen.

[8] Thomas’s lawyer (or counsel) was Theobald Wolfe (1710 – 1784), younger brother of Thomas Wolfe (footnoted above), a barrister-at-law who was made a Freeman of Dublin in 1749. Hus first wife Eliza Charlton was deceased by the and he was with is second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Surgeon General William Dobbs.

[9] The Isaac’s Dublin townhouse was on Fade Street, close to the Market Bar and the Georges Street Arcade today.

[10] This was presumably Thomas Bunbury-Isaac of Lisbryan. See: http://www.turtlebunbury.com/family/bunburyfamily_bunburys/bunbury_family_bunburyisaac.html

[11] What’s this all about! Sir Richard Wolsley, Bt. of Mount Arran, Co Carlow, was the third son of a Williamite officer who served at the Boyne. He succeeded to his father’s Irish estates and was created a Baronet of Ireland on 19th January 1744. In May 1727, he married Alice fourth daughter of Sir Thomas Molyneux of Castle Dillon, Co. Armagh, and widow of William, younger son of Sir John Rogerson, knt. He died in 1788 and was succeeded by his eldest son, also Sir Richard. I don’t know what the rumpus was here. Was Henry Bunbury one of the Johnstown branch?

[12] This was almost certainly Henry Bunbury (1753 - 1819) of Bunbury Lodge, Russelltown, Co. Carlow who was indeed a minor at this time. Henry – or Harry - never married but had five sons by his lover, Margery Walsh. There are several Dublin Deeds relating to this de facto arrangement. Peter Bunbury has managed to identify these sons. The youngest was Abraham Bunbury of Castledermot. See Bunburys of Johnstown.

[13] Rathdaniel and Straboe are both in Co. Carlow.

[14] Sir William Mayne (1722 – 1794) was the eldest son by his second wife of William Mayne esq of Powis Lodge in Clackmannanshire. He was created a Baronet on 22nd April 1763, as Sir William Mayne of Marston-Mortain in the county of Bedford. In March 1766, he was sworn into the Irish privy council and, in 1776, was created a peer of Ireland as Baron Newhaven. On 15th July 1758, he was indeed married to the Hon. Frances Allen (d. 4/3/1801), second daughter of Joshua, 2nd Viscount Allen, and co heir of her brother John Allen, 3rd Viscount. When the 3rd Viscount died unmarried on 25th May 1745 Frances and her sister Elizabeth (wife of John Proby, 1st Lord Carysfort) acquired a considerable estate. The Maynes became owner of both Carrickmines and Stillorgan. They had one son who died in infancy. In 1774, he bought the Manors of Gatton and Upper Gatton, a notorious rotten borough in Surrey, and therefore took control of both seats His lordship died in 1794, when his honours including the Baronetage, expired. ‘A genealogical and heraldic history of the extinct and dormant baronetcies of England’, by John Burke & John Bernard Burke.

[15] Interesting to se the Lockwood connection – Thomas’s sister Elizabeth had married the Tipperary farmer-brewer Richard Lockwood of Castlelake.

[16] This sale arose following the death of Wentworth Harman II (1757) and his eldest son, Wesley Harman (1758). Wentworth’s wife Lucy Mervyn was a daughter of Audley Mervyn of Trillick, another property that subsequently passed to Thomas Bunbury of Kill. There is the possibility of a family connection here. Between 1683 and his death in 1714, Wentworth Harman I of Newcastle, County Longford, and Moyle, Co Carlow, son of Sir Thomas Harman and Anne Jones, was married secondly to Frances Sheppard, daughter of a Colonel Sheppard. Thomas Bunbury of Kill’s grandmother Mary Bunbury was born Mary Sheppard.

[17] One such advertisement in The Dublin Journal read as follows: ‘TO be speedily sold, the Town and Lands of Moyle, and several other Lands in the County of Carlow, the Town and Lands of Bawn, and several other Lands in the County of Longford, and the Black Bull Inn in the County of Meath, the Estates of the late Wesley Harman, Esq; deceased. For further Particulars enquire of the Rev. Charles Doyne, in Molesworth-street, John Kelly, Attorney, in Aungier-street, Dublin, David Gorman at Moyle, near Carlow, and Robert Jenkins at Trillick near Longford, to any of whom Proposals can be made.’

[18] John Tunnadine was also MP for Askeaton. His wife Anne was a daughter of Richard Maunsell (d. 1773) and Margaret Twigge, and aunt of the Maunsells who founded the prominent Limerick bank.

The Very Rev Charles Doyne (1711 – 1777), alter Dean of Leighlin, was the third son of Philip Doyne of Wells. He had three sons by his first wife, Anna Maria Bury, who died in 1762. On 7th March 1763, he married Wesley Harman’s widow, Mary, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Milley, DD.

[19] Mark Whyte (or White) was the son of another attorney Mark Whyte and very active in land deals at this time.

[20] This might have been James Agar of Ringwood, County Kilkenny, who was killed in a duel with the great Patriot orator Henry Flood in 1769. However, it is more likely to be James Agar of Gowran Castle, second husband to the Martin brother’s sister Lucy. Lucy was previously married to the Hon. Henry Boyle Walsingham, son of the Earl of Shannon. James Agar was a son of Henry Agar, M.P., by his wife Anne, only dau of Rt Rev Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Meath. On 27 July 1776, James Agar was created Baron Clifden. On 9 Oct 1781, he was further elevated as Viscount Clifden. He died on 1 January 1789. His wife, Lucy, died aged 70 at Lady Mendip’s house, Twickenham. Lucy and James Agar had three sons and a daughter.

James Agar of Ringwood, County Kilkenny was the son of James Agar and Mary Wemyss. He married Rebecca Flower, daughter of William Flower, 1st Baron Castle Durrow. He was killed on 3rd August 1769, following a duel with Henry Flood.

[21] To be SOLD for Payment of DEBTS, either in the Whole or in Parcels as may be agreed on, the Lands of Aghrim situate, lying and being in the County of Galway, within 2 Miles of Athunry and 7 of Galway, Part of the Estate of Patrick Blake, Esq; The said Land are now Set to upwards of £500 a Year, and as they are very improvable will rise considerably at the expiration of the Leases. Proposals will be received by the said Mr. Blake, and by Mr. Edmond Burke of Tentrim, with whom a Rent Roll of said Lands may be seen. April 15, 1760.

[22] He fared better than a contemporary mentioned in Finns Leinster Journal of 1770 - No. 41. Sat. 19—Wed. 23 May Dublin. 21 May. Died. Of a lingering illness at his father's house in Carlow. Mr. James Johnston,170 formerly a scholar of Trinity College, and expelled at the late election; a young gentleman of the most amiable temper and disposition and promising abilities. 170 Educated by rev. Benjamin Hobart, Carlow; ent. T CD 1764, scholar 1767; Alum Dub. The Irish Genealogist, Vol 8, #1, p.70. Thank Susie Warren.

[23] The Ducketts were a well-to-do English family with lands at Filingham in Lincolnshire, Grayrigg, Heversham and Morland in Westmorland, Flintham in Notts, Hartham in Wiltshire, Royden In Essex, Newtown in Co Kildare and Duckett’s Grove in Co Carlow. Their common ancestor was Richard Duckett, lord of the manor of Fillingham is 1205, who was judge of the counties of Bedford, Buckingham, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Norfolk, Northampton and Rutland during the reign of Henry III. In 1695, Thomas Duckett settled in Ireland and purchased estates in the county of Carlow from Thomas Crosthwaite, Esq, of Cockcrmouth. His mother Elizabeth was a daughter of Christopher Walker Esq. His wife Judith de la Poer was a niece if Richard 1st Earl of Tyrone. Their only son Thomas Duckett (d. 1735) – Jonas’s grandfather - purchased Philipstown from the Earl of Ormond. Thomas’s son, John Duckett of Philipsitown and Newtown, married Jane Devonsher and had dour sons and three daughters.. Jonas was the fourth son. His will, dated 7th July 1796, was proved 11th December 1797. He married Hannah, dau of William Alloway Esq of Dublin. In the next generation there was aa connection with Samuel Madden and the Dawsons. From ‘A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland’ by Bernard Burke.

With thanks to Susie Warren, Michael Purcell and others.