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An event like this requires the patience, support and enthusiasm of numerous people both front and back of stage. I would personally like to thank the following.

Hugo Jellett who, as CEO of Eigse 2012, helped turn a random seed of an idea into a reality, and without whose ceaselessly sage counsel I could not possibly have proceeded.

My fair wife Ally who kept me chuckling and buoyed during times both hard and frantic, even when she herself was kyboshed by dramatic circumstances, and for orchestrating the all-important PR campaign.

Trevor Clowry of Roomthree Design for designing and building the Festival website out of the deep goodness of his heart.

Jeremy Perrin, for coming up trumps on the weekend itself as event manager.

Stephen Corry who not only provided 'Premier Sound & Lighting Solutions', but also provided calm and intelligence. He listened in to the talks and debates where he could, subsequently making excellent suggestions on how the technical aspect could be tightened for a 2013 reprise.

Lola O'Higgins, Mairtin D'Alton, Lou Kennedy, Natasha Martin, Jane Williams and Steph Hogan, the heoric volunteers without whose smile-filled asistance the whole thing would have ground to a standstill.

Grace Kelly and all the Eigse volunteers who came out from Carlow - Michael Whelan, Pierce Byrne, Marie Doyle, Joanna Doyle, Amanda O' Neill and Lauren Carly.

Sash, Tom, Mum and Em, for keeping the teapots and coffee filters flowing.

Ros Jellett for waving her wand across the Library and so conjuring up a backdrop of simple, epic elegance. Paul Osborne and Thomasz Hulisz for helping create a stage out of reasonably thin air.

Angus Craigie and Selina McKenzie, for boisterous and buxom bar activity and a particularly delicious cider.

Janet and Dirk and the team from Blessington Book Store for producing books galore.

Al Keegan and Pieminister for Matador's, Heidi's and Chicken of Aragon.

Chas Preston and his team at LPM Bohemia for the magnificent maruqees and tents.

Sue, Gladys and Niamh, for cooking a feast and serving with aplomb on Saturday night.

Ida, Malrlalbur, Shawn & co. for tweeting the event to sundry and all.

William and Em, for accomodating eight historians at Lisnavagh House, and Rosie for taking two more, and Lola and Jamie, for fitting in another.

Dad, for guiding me in the complicated art of sign hanging.

My brother Andrew for suggesting the concept in the first place.

James Fennell for taking time out to photograph five historians dressed up on a grassy knoll.

The speakers, the chairs, the readers the congregation and all the punters who gave their tuppence worth along the way.

And finally to the spirits of the departed souls who, despite being under the spotlight of discussion over the weekend, arranged with the Weather Gods to inject 48 hours of blue sky and warm sunshine into an otherwise monsoonal season.

Also to Minnie Preston, Joan Crowley, Mary Connolly, Elaine Stafford, and others who proved to be rocks during the 2013 Festival.