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Writer and Historian

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Above: Catriona Crowe, Robert O'Byrne, Maurice Walsh and Turtle
Bunbury champion the respective causes of Hilda Tweedy, Maria
Edgeworth, Rosamund Jacob and Lola Montez.



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Above: Kevin Myers takes notes during Joshua Levine's talk.

Below: Patrick Geoghegan of Newstalk's Talking History defends
the virtues of the villainous Lord Castlereagh.

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From September 2014, history will no longer be a compulsory subject on the junior curriculum. Has the State made a grave error or are we okay to be historically illiterate?
With Catriona Crowe (chair), Myles Dungan, Diarmaid Ferriter, Robert O’Byrne & Manchán Magan.

The British Empire would not have existed without the Irish.
With Senator David Norris (chair), Patrick Geoghegan, Micheál Ó Siochrú & Kevin Myers.

Was Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Ireland truly historic, or was it just an elaborate trade and public relations stunt?
With Diarmaid Ferriter (chair), Ruth Dudley-Edwards, Myles Dungan, Manchán Magan and Tom Sykes.

This weeks’ Eucharistic Congress is a sell out – but what has the Catholic Church actually done for us? With Maurice Walsh (chair), Ruth Dudley-Edwards and Kevin Myers.


Virtuous Villains – Five People who Put the Hiss into History
With Patrick Geoghegan (Lord Castlereagh), Ruth Dudley-Edwards (on Constance Markiewicz), Micheál Ó Siochrú (Oliver Cromwell), Tommy Graham (Francis Higgins aka ‘the Sham Squire’), Martin Nevin (Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster) and Paddy Cullivan (chair).

Unsung Heroines
With Catriona Crowe (Hilda Tweedy), Sr. Maura Duggan (the Dominicans of Bagenalstown), Maurice Walsh (Rosamund Jacob), Turtle Bunbury (Lola Montez), Robert O’Byrne (Maria Edgeworth), and Fiona Fitzsimons (chair).

Should those who left the Irish Army to fight for Britain in World War 2 be classed as deserters?
With Kevin Myers
and Ruth Dudley Edwards.

That Audacious Worm - The life and work of Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan.
With Jeananne Crowley.

The Vanishing Ireland Project.
Robert O’Byrne interviews Turtle Bunbury.

Hidden Gems and Forgotten People.
With Larry Breen (Federation of Local History Societies) and Pat Devlin (Federation for Ulster Local Studies).

The Gathering 2013.
Dr Marian Lyons, Professor of History, NUI, Maynooth.

Turning Talk into History.
With Manchán Magan (chair) and Ida Milne, Mary Muldowney & Regina Fitzpatrick of the Oral History Network of Ireland.

Paddy Cullivan’s Alternative History of Ireland, through maps, slides and song, including such epics as 'Going Forward' and 'She's a model & she works in Spar'.

The Genealogical Records of the Irish Jewish Community.
Stewart Rosenblatt.


‘Where the murderin’ cannons roar…: Ireland and the American Civil War’
With Tommy Graham (chair), Myles Dungan, Tom Bartlett, Lar Joye and Jack Burtchill.

1000 years later, was Boru’s victory at Clontarf the greatest in our history?
With Tommy Graham (chair), Sean Duffy, Pat Wallace and Edel Breatnacht.


Josh Levine - Operation Fortitude: the Story of the Spies & the Spy Operation that Saved D-Day.

Maurice Walsh - The News from Ireland.

Ann Matthews - Cumann na mBan and the misuse of the International Red Cross insignia in 1916

Joshua Levine - Forgotten Voices of the Irish on the Western Front.

Michael Sheridan - Murder in Monte Carlo.

Marc-Ivan OGorman - How an Irishman’s Murder changed Hollywood Forever.

Val Byrne - Feaghe mac Hugh and the Clonmore connection.

Hugh Fitzgerald Ryan - Petronilla and Alice: The Devil to Pay.

Alison Maxwell - Jammets of Dublin, 1901 to 1967.