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By Turtle Bunbury

(Old Fort Press, 2011)

Turtle Bunbury has firmly established himself as one of Ireland's leading historians. His features have been published in magazines as diverse as The World of Interiors, NWA World Traveler and Playboy and in newspapers such as The New York Post, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Irish Times, The Irish Daily Mail and The Australian.

This eagerly-awaited volume combines 24 of his features into one handsome paperback, available directly from the author through this website for €19.95 + postage.

Email history@turtlebunbury.com to place an order.

Each book will be signed and numbered by Turtle.


1) The Battle of the Boyne and how the Jacobites lost it because they drank too much brandy.

2) The Wild Geese of Ireland who revolutionised the world's wine trade in the 18th century.

3) The surgeon who persuaded Handel to perform in Dublin in order to fund the world's first purpose-built maternity hospital.

4) The curious links between the Hellfire Club, the town of Birr and the Butcher of Culloden.

5) Bernardo O'Higgins and Juan McKenna, the Irishmen who liberated Chile.

6) The Night of the Big Wind, 1839.

7) The Irish battalion who fought for Mexico against the USA in the bloody war of 1846-1848.

8) The Crimean Banquet which took place in Dublin in 1856.

9) Queen Victoria's visit to Dublin in 1900 and how she wooed the Irish.

10) The Massacre on Bachelor's Walk which nearly ignited a civil war in 1913.

11) The burning of Knockcroghery, clay pipes and all, in the Irish War of Independence.

12) The scandalous story of the Irish Hospitals Sweepstake.

13) Sir John Rogerson, the founding father of Dublin's Docklands.

14) The extraordinary abduction of Jemmy Annesley, Earl of Anglesea.

15) Charles Byrne, the ill-fated Irish giant who mesmerised Georgian London.

16) Arthur Guinness, the story of the man who reinvented stout.

17) Sir John Conroy, the Irishman reputed to have fathered Queen Victoria.

18) Honest Tom Steele, Daniel O'Connell's most loyal and tragic follower.

19) John Henry Foley, the Dubliner who became the greatest sculptor of the 19th century.

20) The shoemaker, the wigmaker and President Barack Obama.

21) Arthur Kavanagh, the limbless wonder from Carlow who travelled the world.

22) Nellie Clifden, the Curragh 'wren' who seduced the Prince of Wales.

23) Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy, their connections to Michael Collins and the London IRA.

24) Kevin Barry, the tale of a student rebel who gave his life for liberty.

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Above: The Duke of Cumberland, John Henry Foley and Knockcroghery Village in 1921.

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